Crescent Pose

It’s also sometimes called the “Crescent Lunge.” This is another good one for children because they can stretch out really far. It’s a full stretch for the entire front part of the body, and it also builds leg strength and challenges balance.

Positioning: Point feet forward, front leg bent at a 90 degree angle. Your back leg should be straight, up on your toes, with your heel pushing towards the wall behind you. Point your arms and fingers towards the ceiling, but make sure your shoulders are down. Then switch legs and repeat.

Tree Pose

The Tree Pose is a great calming pose to give your kids the feeling of being “rooted” to the ground. It’s a lesson in patience and balance.

Positioning: Standing on one leg, bend your raised leg and press your foot into your inner thigh. Place hands together in a prayer position. Then switch legs and repeat.

Child’s Pose

Child’s Pose is the perfect way to wrap up your routine with your child. The pose is meant to look like a baby in the womb, hence the name. It’s a totally relaxing position to just chill out and bask in the success of your yoga routine.

Positioning: Sit on your knees with your feet pointed. Lean over and rest your forehead on the ground, leaving your arms resting relaxed beside you. If you or your child aren’t quite that flexible, you can open your knees until it feels comfortable.

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