It never fails. You want to tighten and tone your body but you always end up pulling something or not toning at all. If this is a regular occurrence for you, there’s a problem the way you’re going about handling your training sessions. We all have fallen victim to the counterproductive habits of workouts but there’s no reason you can’t learn and correct. Let’s fix some common “gym-stakes.”

Use Weights
You can’t expect to build your back muscle without training it to get stronger. You should feel the squeeze as you begin each rep. With that in mind, you’re not benefiting yourself or your body by doing several reps with too light weights. In order to gain strength, build muscle and burn fat, you need to push your body. Heavier weights and fewer reps are best.

Maintain Control
Engagement is important when it comes to exercising as it helps build muscular strength. Working on control and form also benefits you in lessening the number of injuries. The goal when working on strength training should be to go at a slower pace and keep control over your movements. This will also help build and retain muscle mass.

Know When to Stop
Sometimes you need to push through the pain. Other times, it’s best to acknowledge the pain and take a break. Doing too much too soon can cause a strain. If you feel your injury is due to bad form, take a day or so to work out the kinks in that area of your body before resuming. Stretching is a great way to recover and improve range of motion. While next day burn is great, you never want to over-train and strain.

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