We’ve all seen what we perceive to be someone having a heart attack portrayed in the movies looks like. From the dramatic chest-clutching to the person’s face turning blue as they gasp for air, it seems as though heart attack symptoms would be an easy thing to recognize in real life.

When a person is having a heart attack, whether they are male or female, there are several common symptoms that indicate calling 911 could become a matter of life and death. And although chest pain and lack of oxygen are definite symptoms a person is going into cardiac arrest, for women the signs can be decidedly more subtle.

Often times because the symptoms in women are not as obvious, they aren’t taken as seriously which could result in a tragedy. Take a look at the six symptoms below and feel more empowered by this life-saving knowledge.

1. Noticeable Intermittent Pressure Or Pain In Your Chest That Lasts Several Minutes Or Longer


Any pain in this area needs to be taken seriously.

2. Radiating Neck And Jaw Pain Or Tightness In The Throat

This is where your jugular veins are located, after all.

3. Shortness Of Breath Without Chest Pain

This means your lungs aren’t getting the oxygen you need.

4. Back Pain Can Indicate The Heart Muscle Is Under Stress And Pain Receptors Are Rerouting To Other Body Parts

Bet you didn’t know that your bad back may be a sign of something more severe.

5. Nausea, Vomiting Or Flu-Like Symptoms

This means your body is trying to process and deal with something very serious.


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