Sometimes, the success of a viral video online comes out of nowhere. But there are times when you know you have to get something on film because it’s golden and you don’t need any more convincing than that. When Dane Miller was singing his heart out in the back seat, that was a golden moment.

Dane Miller is a young 9-year-old from Prosper, Texas, who has Down Syndrome. He loves singing his favorite songs and performing for the camera. There might be evidence that he knew the camera was rolling. But that doesn’t matter. He sang his heart out and people are eating it up.

Dane Miller And His Family

Dane Miller

His Aunt Jeanne knew she had to get it on camera. When she posted it online she had no idea what it was going to become. That’s the power of the internet. You just never know.

He was belting out “I Have Nothing,” a 1993 hit by the one and only Whitney Houston. Whitney might have made millions of dollars from her song, but did she get over 26 million views from her fans? Okay, so she did.

He Already Has StarPower

Dane Miller

But this was Dane’s first try and that’s very impressive. According to his mother, Danna Miller, Dane loves the song because he enjoyed a documentary about Whitney and he got stuck on her hits. She went on to say, “He’s high-functioning and smarter than we all really know. He picks up on songs really quickly and music touches him.”

Isn’t that the way it is for all of us? Point and case, we’re sharing his video now because of the way it makes us feel. He is so into the song, it’s hard not to feel the emotion he’s pouring out into it.

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