I, like most women, carry an unusually large tote to and from work every day. The duffle bag/beach bag from Target that I fell in love with is far bigger than it needs to be. I like it because it fits everything: my laptop, lunch cooler, keys, headphones, wallet, phone, Mentos, and a little bag of toiletries like flavored lip balms and antibacterial hand sanitizer. That being said, the bag is pretty heavy when I grab it from my passenger seat and toss it over my shoulder every morning. I don’t really notice if my hair is pulled off of my shoulder and neck first. I’m either rushing or I’m lazy. On those occasions when I don’t move my hair out of the way, the strap of the bag sits on my strands, pulling and yanking them. I will then try to hold the weight of the bag up in my right hand, while scooping my hair out of harm’s way with my left. Usually, this doesn’t work. I end up losing a few strands, painfully, to the unyielding strap. One would think I would just move the hair before grabbing the bag.

It’s not strange to think that there are more women like me out there in the world; lazy or late women who refuse to move their hair off of their shoulder first. This bad habit causes the hair follicles to weaken from the pulling and can cause breakage or tear the hair out completely. Writer Lisa DeSantis discovered this fact after a visit to the salon to get her hair cut. Her hair stylist actually guessed which side she carried her bag on everyday, because her hair was actually thinner on that side. For all of us that want luscious locks like Bella from Twilight, we better get our act together and just start moving our damn hair to the side.

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