It’s a switch of fortune. All your life, you may have been told all the reasons to not eat chocolate. Now, there’s a very real benefit to eating it. It’s good for your heart!

That means all this time Willy Wonka was only trying to look out for us. All the conspiracy theorists have been quieted now. Willy Wonka was not trying to steal our souls by making us give up our money for our greatest weakness, the taste of pure chocolate. He was thinking about trying to make this world a better place.

The Mouth Watering Beautiful Chocolate


It rings of the famous folk song written by the late Bill Backer who was caught in a layover in Ireland back in 1971 and many people were understandably annoyed. But they found a way to get over it by enjoying a Coca-Cola together the next morning and laughing the whole thing off. That’s when Bill penned the words “I’d like to buy the world a Coke” and the rest is history.

Of course, that story’s about the magic of Coca-Cola. This one is about the proud tradition Willy Wonka started and that Hershey has kept going since it was founded in 1894, which would mean the facts are actually reversed. Either way, they were looking out for mankind.

It Can Guard Against Irregular Heartbeat


What have we learned? You can get along with others better if you buy everyone a Coke and you can get along better in life if you have more chocolate in your diet. Suddenly, your whole childhood is a lie. But doesn’t that news make it a better world to live in now?

It sure does. But as always, remember that chocolate can only be beneficial if you eat it in moderation. This is not an invitation to gorge yourself. However, an apple and a truly pure bar of chocolate will really keep the doctor away. Chocolate dipped apples? Booyah!

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