You’ve definitely never seen a dessert quite like this one. A New York City sweet establishment is blurring the lines between pasta and frozen dairy, as they’ve created a very colorful version of homemade Ramen ice cream.

Greenwich Village’s The Dessert Kitchen uses a device to create skinny, frozen noodles called “Ice Stream.” They take on the form of traditional jelly-based Japanese noodles commonly known as kanten, or agar noodles that are made from algae.

Similar to a gelatin-based texture, the noodles lay atop a bowl of crushed ice which is then lathered in evaporated milk. Chefs then add in specialty toppings like Mochi balls and frozen fruit to create the final product.

Candice Auyeung, the owner of The Dessert Kitchen, elaborated further on the process of working with the agar-based substance.

“We cook the agar powder with water and sugar, and it comes together very fast. It’s like pasta. It comes out as a sheet, and we cut it by hand,” she told the Today show.

With the crushed ice and milk being prepped first along with your added toppings, the blue noodles are then dripped over the bowl with some added syrup. Of course, there are multiple flavors you can choose from, like green tea, brown sugar, peach or even honey to name a few.

Overall, The Dessert Kitchen has offered a very unique way to enjoy this traditional noodle dish as a sweet treat, and if you’d like to try it out for yourself, you’ll have to venture out to the lower-Manhattan neighborhood of Greenwich Village.

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