When you think of good wine, you normally think of a very expensive wine collection. It’s the type of wine you can only afford on rare occasions and you can’t get it at the local liquor store. You have to order it from a store with higher status and wait until it arrives to drink it.

But that’s not necessarily true. The best wines in the world aren’t exactly the most expensive. They aren’t always made in some exotic place in the world and put through years of fermentation. In fact, you can buy one award-winning wine just down the street from where you live at the grocery store known as Aldi.

Yes, That Aldi Grocery Store Line

wine collection

That’s right, the discount grocery store that has a small selection of alcohol sells an award-winning wine that actually beat thousands of other wines during a two-week wine tasting contest. It’s a rosé that sells for about $8 and it won a silver in World’s Best at the International Wine Challenge’s Great Value Awards competition.

The tasting was done in the blind so no favorites could be chosen. But the competition is on the up and up anyway so that’s not really a concern. The Exquisite Collection Cotes de Provence Rosé 2016 took home the silver, which puts it in the award-winning realm of wines that you can enjoy every day of your life if you’re a wine drinker.

Everyone’s Running To Get That Cheap Wine Collection

wine collection

Yes, the store called Aldi carries the wine for about $8. The store that has some really awesome ways of cutting back on overhead costs. You have to put a quarter in your cart to use it at the store. You get your quarter back at the end of your shopping experience. It’s just a way to keep the carts orderly without paying someone to do it.

You also have to pay for your own bags, which you can use every time you go to the store. But don’t expect them to give you any. All that ingenuity is put into the store so they can cut down on frivolous spending and bring you the most cost-effective shopping experience you can imagine.

That’s why it’s big news that they carry an award-winning wine that you can actually afford. Actually though, Aldi took home 18 different medals in the wine category which makes this story even more phenomenal. Next time you want some wine, check out their wine aisle. You just might find a new brand you love.

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