Tres Johnson has been an anomaly since long before he was born. His ultrasound scans gave no indication to his parents, Brandy and Joshua Johnson, that he was going to have any abnormal developments. But when Tres was born, he shocked the doctors and he’s been doing that ever since.

Tres was born with a disorder called craniofacial duplication. That means that he was born with two faces. He has two nostrils and a cleft between them. His eyes are separated, one on each of his faces. His doctors gave him absolutely no chance of living. Not when he was born and not while he has gone through every other stage of his life — until now.

Tres And His Mother Brandy

The SHH gene is responsible for encoding a protein that comes up with the patterning of the fetus in the process of development. That’s what causes craniofacial duplication. Only 36 cases of the disorder exist throughout the world.

Tres has had to go through multiple surgeries. Doctors have worked to reshape his head. They’ve even tried to close the cleft. Tres also has seizures, and doctors have been treating him for those his whole life. But they never had much faith that Tres was going to live this long.

At 13 years old, Tres has shocked them all. Why not? He’s been doing it his whole life. The sad thing is that Tres has endured more than just his disorder.

Tres And His Father Josh

He has had to suffer through verbal abuse because of the fact that some people can be so mean when they see someone who doesn’t fall inside their expectations of normal. His parents have actually been told to “put him down” like he’s some kind of rabid dog.

But Tres has survived all that. He’s survived his own doctors and all the mean people in the world to defy all odds. He’s still here today and you can meet him via the video!

Meet Tres Johnson In 3, 2…

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