Can your backyard handle its own pub? After you see it in action, you just might want to make sure you have room. It’s an inflatable pub that makes all your other parties look lame in comparison.

Remember that one time when you were in Ireland and you took a walk to find the nearest bar? They don’t call them bars over there, so it was hard for you to find one. That’s when you decided to pop your head into a pub and ask if they had any bars in Ireland. That never happened to you? It must have been someone else then.

Anyway, you can bring back those fond memories by blowing up your own inflatable pub in your backyard. No, it’s not small. It’s not just the bar either. It’s the complete experience, with the roof and everything.

An Inflatable Pub In Your Backyard

Inflatable Pub

Put some tables inside for some real friends and family drinking action. You can host a whole slew of events. Setup a few kegs, bust out the best liquor you have and stock the bar. Now, take it a step further.

You can setup a pool table inside or just have the local pizza delivery guy bring you some pies and you’re all set. Put some flat screen TVs up in the place and turn it into something legitimate. It might be best to keep the dartboard in the house.

There are Different Styles

Just looking at it, you know you want one right now. It would change everything between you and your friends. It could actually become a legitimate pub that you put up in your backyard. Then, take the show on the road and think of all the events that you could crash.

Your next lot party will blow all the others away. You might not even make it in the game. You’re starting to imagine the potential now aren’t you? You can rent one for a special occasion or buy one yourself. It’s up to you.

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