Celebrity nutritionist Elissa Goodman shared some tips she uses to beat those pesky sugar cravings. With type 2 diabetes running rampant throughout the country these days, it’s more important than ever to eat healthy. That means not giving in to those inevitable cravings for candy, chocolate, cookies, cakes, or whatever it is that you struggle with personally when it comes to snacking.

From the playbook of nutritionist Elissa Goodman, here are some excellent tricks to make those cravings disappear for good!

1. Eliminate Processed Foods

That means Poptarts, microwave dinners, and all that other gunk you fill your body with because the box made it look good in the supermarket. Elissa says, “Add whole, nutrient-dense foods, and in a short time, you will notice cravings diminish; my clients notice that cravings begin to diminish on days four and five of their cleanse week. Force yourself to stick with it until you break through your cravings.”

2. Take A Probiotic

“There are bacterial strains which feed on the sugar in our bodies, causing an imbalance in the gut,” explains Goodman. “When you reduce this bacteria, you will help reduce sugar cravings and your body’s dependence on sugar.” A good source of natural probiotics is yogurt. Greek yogurt is especially full of probiotics, but any yogurt will do.

3. Include An L-Glutamine Supplement

“L-glutamine is an amino acid that supports numerous functions, especially within the gut. When blood sugar levels drop, this amino acid can easily be converted into glucose,” says Goodman. “This helps to curb sugar cravings without exposing your body to harmful sugar.” Before taking one of these supplements, be sure to check with your doctor about what the right supplemental needs for you are.

4. Eat Sour Foods

“When you crave sugar, eat foods that are sour and bitter. This helps to counteract sweet cravings,” says Goodman. “When making your green smoothies, include bitter ingredients like endive and kale. Lemon-infused water is also recommended daily.” You could also try freezing lemon slices overnight, then adding them to your water like ice cubes in the morning.

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