There’s no perfect way to shed pounds and tone up. Google “get fit” and you will get millions of tips and tricks that span from simple to extreme. While there are many ways to get active, when it comes to working out no one has all the answers. It’s a known fact that the more you work a muscle properly, the stronger it gets. Many people are switching up their workouts in an effort to challenge themselves, but could reaching into the black bag of mystery workouts be hindering you from reaching your fitness goals?

The Upside Of Options
Zumba, yoga, and weight training all hold their own benefit so there is a large interest when it comes to switching up your routines weekly. Group environments allow you to feed off the energy of those around you while one-on-one sessions allow all focus to be on you and solo sessions test your personal commitment.

The availability of recorded and online fitness regimens help to eliminate the too-busy-to-work-out excuse. There are even apps to assist in making your fitness dreams a reality.

In order to continue reaching short term fitness goals, you’ve probably heard that you need to mix things up to avoid your body becoming bored and plateauing. Liz Barnet, CPT, is a New Jersey-based fitness instructor and food coach that believes switching up your workout is important.

“The body works in different energy systems, so it’s important to vary strength and cardio, mobility and flexibility training,” says Barnet. “Many workouts focus on one thing more than another, so it’s good to change it up.”

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