Coca-Cola definitely has some diehard fans. But many of them are not happy about what they just found out about their soda. Coca-Cola Zero is going to be taken off the market and it has people in an uproar.

But they don’t seem to be paying attention. It’s as if they heard the “taken off the market” part of that news and didn’t pay attention to the rest of it. Here’s the thing: Coca-Cola Zero will be gone. But it will be replaced by Coca-Cola Zero Sugar that promises to taste like the original.

Coca-Cola Fans Are Not Happy


Of course, diehard Coke fans are threatening to hang themselves. Some of them are going to need to check themselves into rehab for stress-related issues. It really is the worst thing these guys can imagine.

If you are a Coca-Cola Zero fan, my deepest apologies. Stay calm and give the Coca-Cola Zero Sugar a try. I know it’s too much to take in all at one time. But I’m sure you’ll be alright. You’ll live through this just like you did when they discontinued French Toast Crunch. Trust me! We’ll all get through it together.

The Devastating News Is Unbearable


Actually, I can feel where these guys are coming from. Just about everything I like has been discontinued. It started with Dunkaroos. I was devastated. My life has been downhill ever since. When they discontinued Twinkies, I lost my mind. Then, they brought them back. I bought two boxes that day. I still have the one.

It seems to me that Coke is trying to go in the right direction. It’s a soda with no calories and no sugar. Isn’t that a health fanatic’s dream? Of course, Coke never promised to be healthy. But that’s the direction to take with all the health gurus and the unhealthy shaming that’s going on these days.

Yes, unhealthy shaming is a thing!

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