What is the trend with pickles? It’s like the world just discovered they exist. Of course, people have been making pickle ice pops for years. But now, the pickle popsicle is coming to Walmart.

Van Holten’s literally has the market on pickle products. They have hot pickles. They have dill pickles in a pouch. They have big pickles, sour pickles, and even a shot chaser made of pickle juice. Why not add to their pickle products the Pickle Popsicle?

What do you think of the idea of freezing pickle juice and then enjoying it as a treat on a hot summer day? Does it sound at all refreshing? Many people have already tried it and market research suggests that consumers would buy a box of them if they were available. So, Walmart has decided to stock them on their shelves.

Pickles Aren’t Just For Cheeseburgers Anymore

pickle ice

Actually, the idea for pickle juice ice pops came from a high school baseball game. It’s common among high school and college athletes to drink down pickle juice after a workout. It’s known to stop cramping and it replenishes the body after long workouts.

But the idea for frozen pickle pops came to the Van Holten’s team when vice president of sales and marketing, Eric Girard, received a photo text from an associate of Alabama: “They were selling for $1 each at an Alabama high school baseball game. If you go down to Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Mississippi, it’s a very common item to find at concession stands.”

You Can Get Them Now

a box of them

They sell on Amazon currently. You can get different sized packs. When July hits, you’ll be able to go to your favorite Walmart because after all, Walmart tries to carry everything.

Before you discard the idea, just think whether or not you like pickles. Then, think of all that pickle taste in frozen form. There’s nothing more to it than that and it just might become your favorite go to snack.

Not A Very Good Review

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