We dedicate space to the tasks we need such as cooking, eating, entertaining, and sleeping. Household spaces are also set aside for gardening and painting. If stillness and silence are your interests, it’s only right that there be a dedicated space to practice.

Just like buying new workout gear motivates you to get out and move, a nice meditation space can inspire you to meditate more often. Whether you’re looking to have a full room or just a corner, creating your own meditation space doesn’t take much work.

The images and items you add to your space are important as they will benefit you by serving as a reminder to practice mindfulness. Keep your cushion in the front of your meditation space. Seeing it when you walk past will make it a visual cue. Ashley Wray, yogi and founder of Mala Collective, is all about getting selective with cushions, candles, and accessories to enhance the meditation practice. More than anything, she’s all about helping to turn meditation into a daily practice for others so the placement of objects within a meditation room is important.

“We all know the saying ‘out of sight out of mind,’” Wray says. “Having a visual inspiration to practice meditation is a powerful reminder.”

Other than cushions, other accessories can be added into your space to enhance the experience. Mala beads, crystals, and a singing bowl are just a handful of ways to focus a restless mind.

When picking out colors and patterns, rather than search for what looks cute, find what brings you a sense of peace and comfort. From blankets to wall art, the space should feel tranquil and welcoming to avoid the practice of meditation beginning to feel like a chore.

“Remember, this is a personal experience and is meant to inspire you to connect with yourself,” Wray says. “Have fun with it!”

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