If you’re looking to gain a solid set of abs, there are a couple of foods you should start shoveling in your mouth. Yes, if you want a tight and toned midsection, you need to eat. Remember, abs are made in the kitchen so what you’re putting in your system is important.

Banish the bloating battle by mindfully filling up on fibers. Fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains help to control bloat while potassium counters fluid retention. More than anything watch how you eat.

Eating the right things the wrong way can be counterproductive. Avoid eating when you’re distracted, stressed or on the run. The body can’t properly release those digestive enzymes as well if you’re not relaxed.

Abs are muscles. Feed them. You’re going to spend a great deal of time planking so help define your core with the right foods. Having 25 grams of protein post workout will jumpstart your muscle recovery as well as muscle growth. Be sure to have enough water intake to ensure dehydration doesn’t stop you from following through with your session.

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