What would it take for you to get your butt in the gym? Watching the Victoria’s Secret fashion show on live TV? Realizing you graduated from a small to a medium bikini bottom? We all have our own motivation, but no matter how different we may be….no one is ready to turn down cold, hard cash.

A recent study published by the National Bureau of Economic Research was called “Can Financial Incentives Help People Trying to Establish New Habits?” and aimed to evaluate people’s motivations to go to the gym if a cash bribe was involved.

The amount of money offered varied between $30, $60, or a gift that was worth $30. All the participants had to do was go to the gym nine times in a six-week period of time. That’s a little more than once a week. Doable, right?

“These incentive programs did increase slightly how often people went, but only by about one visit, and then it really has no lasting impact,” said Justin Sydnor, a co-author of the study’s report. He added that there was no big difference between the results when people were offered $30 and $60, meaning that the amount in question didn’t necessarily matter.

An interesting study for sure, but one might ask, how lazy are these people? It’s money, you guys. MONEY!

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