Salt has quite a few uses that extend beyond providing a bit of extra flavor for your french fries. It’s very commonly used with athletes to remedy sore muscles, while gardeners keen on expediting plant growth will sprinkle it on their plants. Before refrigeration was invented, it was used especially for preserving meat for long periods of time.

But there are several health benefits that Epsom salt contains. Its exfoliating properties make it a luxurious desire for bathing and relieving sore muscles. Check out the top benefits that you use Epsom salt for:

It Boosts Magnesium Levels

Maintaining a normal magnesium level in your body is key to keeping your health in the clear. Over 300 enzymes in your body are affected by magnesium, and it even organizes many bodily functions – including electrical impulses, energy production, muscle control, and eliminating those harmful toxins. By simply soaking your feet in epsom salt, you can help your body keep itself healthy.

It Reduces Stress

This is something we could all use a little of in our life! Inform your co-worker of your stress and they’ll likely tell you to go home and soak in a nice, warm tub. Well by simply adding 1 – 2 cups of Epsom salt, you can amplify those stress-relieving efforts. Not only will the magnesium in the salt relax your muscles, it will also relax your mind.

It Eliminates Toxins

When you soak in a tub containing Epsom salts, the salt actually acts as a sort of reverse osmosis in which it extracts salts and other harmful toxins from your body through your skin. Soaking for 40 minutes will allow sufficient time for the salt to take effect – 20 minutes for the salt to pull out the toxins, and 20 more for the body to absorb all of the nutrients and minerals. Just make sure that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after the bath!  

It Relieves Constipation

Internal use of Epsom salt can temporarily relieve you from constipation, as it increases water in the intestines and cleanses the waste out of your colon. Just keep two things in mind: this is not intended to be a long-term practice, and ensure that you’re ingesting plenty of liquids to prevent dehydration.

It Reduces Pain and Inflammation

Epsom is great for relieving inflammation caused by the majority of diseases. It’s a natural treatment for bronchial asthma and headaches (including migraines), while it can even heal any cuts, sprains, or bruises you may have. If you have a pesky splinter that just can’t be extracted, soak the splinter in warm water and Epsom salt and it should slide out in no time.

It Improves Blood Sugar Levels

Maintaining your magnesium levels will help your body to produce insulin, which in turn regulates your blood sugar levels and combats diabetes.  

It Volumizes Your Hair

Excess oil secreted from your skin can make your hair appear flat and weighed down. By simply combining Epsom salt with your conditioner and applying it to your hair for up to 20 minutes after shampooing, you can give your hair that shiny luster that you’ve always wanted. Doing this on a weekly basis only will do the trick!

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