Despite common knowledge that vaccines are good for your pets, some people are getting spooked by the rumors surrounding the side effects. These rumors have caused people to turn down shots for their dogs, cats, and even themselves.

Researcher Nicholas Dodman has found autism-like symptoms in dogs, but has confirmed he doesn’t believe that vaccines are the cause of this. He suggests not skipping vaccines just because of this piece of information. There are also cases of allergic reactions to vaccinations, but they are extremely rare.

The benefits outweigh the negatives, considering the negatives most likely won’t occur in the majority of cases. Most dogs will hold protective immunity longer than a year when given vaccines. There are veterinarians with advanced degrees in immunology who call vaccinations a “modern marvel,” responsible for saving the lives of countless animals.

At the end of the day, there would be nothing more tragic than knowing you could’ve prevented death or disease of your favorite furry animal because you thought a vaccination wasn’t necessary.

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