Dr. Oz and Turkish Airlines have teamed up in a new project they’re calling, “Fly Good, Feel Good.” The videos and photographs will focus on healthy eating while flying and maintaining an active lifestyle while traveling. The materials will be available on the website of Turkish Airlines, as well as their social media accounts and in-flight televisions.

The launch of the project consisted of a special appearance by Dr. Oz aboard a flight from Istanbul to New York City, where he answered over 300 passengers’ questions about health and food. He ended the session by giving out gifts to all the passengers!

Long flights can cause many people to experience fatigue, anxiety, impatience, and boredom. They often forget about their typical healthy choices and reach instead for the expensive half can of Pringles or order a sugary glass of white wine to pass the time. Not to mention, passengers are sitting in their seats for a long duration. Their blood isn’t flowing, muscles aren’t moving, and their heart rate isn’t climbing.

The show will try to spread positivity and encouragement in terms of staying as healthy as possible while you travel, and tips on how to make the best decisions.

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