Whenever you mention health and diet, it’s the main mantra expressed – drink plenty of water. Not tea. Not coffee. Not one diet soda after another. No, in order to remain hydrated, one must consume a fair amount of nature’s beverage du jour or risk…what? Indeed, most people don’t understand why failing to fulfill your H2O requirement every day is bad for your body. It’s a question and a concern that never seems to get a straight answer.

Well, finally we’ve found a set of symptoms which clearly and succinctly explain why, when you’re not fully hydrated, your body suffers. And it’s not just your bowels or bladder in the crosshairs. Everything from your heart to your brain can be bamboozled by a lack of liquid. Check out the gallery below and see for yourself. We guarantee you’ll be grabbing a plastic bottle or two of your favorite water when it’s all over.

Bad Breath

A decrease in saliva = an increase in halitosis.

Food Cravings

Your body wants what hydration supplies – and if it doesn’t get it, it will make you desire those things.

Painful Joints

Without enough water, these areas can become inflamed and difficult to use.


Lack of fluids causes a shrinkage in brain volume, which brings on those nasty pains.

Heart Palpitations

It’s all because of the lack of minerals dehydration brings about.

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