When it comes to health, it’s amazing how often we prioritize physical over mental. Oh sure, it’s easy to diet and exercise to decrease your waistline or build up your muscles, but what about the brain? Its part of the body and yet we don’t pay enough attention to its nutritional needs. As a result, there’s been a rise in depression and anxiety disorders, many of which can be linked to deficiencies in the diet.

Of course, these aren’t the only reasons why people suffer from mental illness, but if there are ways to build up your mental acuity, wouldn’t you do everything to help things out. Below are a collection of foods which work to boost those properties which produce the best results for our tired and haggard gray matter. Add them to your requisite cuisine for a genuine feeling of well being, both inside your body and – more importantly – in your mind.

Whole Grains

They maintain a steady blood sugar level, and the carbs help produce serotonin, which the brain uses to keep us in a good mood.

Dark Chocolate

Remember, the darker the better. Milk chocolate may make things worse, but lots of cacao causes the brain to boost your endorphins.


Almost all of these flavorful fruits fight depression, and besides, they’re very good for you.

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