Emma Louise, fitness blogger and Instagrammer with over 179,000 followers, gives us a little advice on how she built up her booty in a little over a year. She abolishes some common myths we all have about weight lifting, and offers some solid suggestions on dieting, patience, and the right exercises.

The Right Moves

Emma tells her followers to stop doing air squats. Not only do they look ridiculous, they provide hardly any gains. She suggests lifting heavy weights (you can start light and work your way up). “Women don’t have the same testosterone levels as men so it’s near impossible that lifting will make you manly,” she said, when asked about the bulking up myth. This is necessary in order to see any noticeable difference. Do compound movements, like deadlifts, lunges, leg presses, and glute bridges.

With The Right Finishers

End your workout with some donkey kicks, high rep squats, and kickbacks. You can superset them to make them more intense. However, don’t rely on these moves as your sole workout. They won’t give you the results you want, but work great as finishers.

And The Right Diet

Don’t restrict your calories, because your muscles require food and carbs in order for your body to get bigger and stronger. Emma says that carbs are extremely important, and that you shouldn’t neglect them. “Eat some damn foooood girl!!” she says.


Gains for the booty won’t happen overnight, so be patient. Most women expect to see changes within a few weeks, but it takes months, even up to a year.

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