Sara Puhto is a 20-year-old fitness blogger and model who feels it’s important for women everywhere to understand the difference between Instagram pictures and real life. Instagram is known for drool-worthy pics of food, sexy bikini-clad women on the beach, and just general adventurous posts with thought-inducing captions. There is a certain standard attached to Instagram photos, however. They have to look perfect, filtered, professional, and artistic. In many ways, Instagram is so far from reality. To prove that, Puhto posted side-by-side pictures of herself that display the stark difference between a normal picture and a picture changed for Instagram.


Clothing Sizes



Sucking In

Model Imre Çeçen also isn’t shy about showing the world how different her body can look for photographs. Here are some examples of how she changes her posture and uses Photoshop in modeling:

So, just remember that when you’re wondering why you don’t look like these women on the beach, keep in mind that they don’t look like that either.

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