Flip flops are perfect to have lying around the house whenever you need to slip them on to let your dog pee in the early morning, wear them to stay disease-free in a questionable community shower, or take them on and off quickly while at the sandy beaches on the coast. But here are some health concerns that go along with wearing flip flops, so keep them in mind and make sure you’re always keeping your feet clean and safe!


Slider or thong flip flops usually rub on your feet in a very awkward way. They can cause blisters to form quite easily, primarily between your big toe and your index toe, but they can really pop up anywhere. Sliders can just cause pain where the hard edges rub on the top of your feet.

Bad For Your Foot Posture

Whether you notice it or not, you walk differently in flip flops than you do in other shoes, like the ones that are attached to your feet. You may get hammertoe, which is basically a dislocation of the joints of your toes over time. There is also a lack of arch support, which can cause shooting pains in your shins and legs. The poor support can lead to Plantar Fasciitis and Metatarsalgia, which require costly surgeries to correct. The joint and ligament damage can also lead to bone spurs.

Allergic To Plastic?

Since flip flops are extremely cheap and accessible, they are made with extremely cheap and accessible materials. Carcinogenic materials, such as latex or BPA, are found in many types of flip flops, and can cause a severe reaction to someone who has a latex allergy.

Bacteria Exposure

Because flip flops are an open-toed shoe style, they leave your feet susceptible to more bacteria in the air and on the ground. A study done by the University of Miami showed that people who wore flip flops had more bacteria on their feet than people who wore traditional shoes. This was especially true in public restrooms. If you have any open cuts or blisters on your feet, bacteria could get inside them, and you could get a fungal infection or Staphylococcus.

So, stick to wearing flip flops only in those hurried moments, at the beach or pool, or in frantic walks to get the trash out to the road on garbage collection day. Long-term wear and use of these shoes is not recommended.

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