It started today! You can get a free Macchiato at Starbucks and that will last until Monday. Four days to suck them dry of all their coffee goodness before everything snaps back to normal.

Are you tired of hearing your friends talk about Starbucks and wondering how in the world they can afford to do it all the time? Did they buy stock in the company? Do they live off of a trust fund? If they do, their parents are really smart and that’s great that some people get to live off of those things.

Join Your Friends For A Macchiato This Week


The fact of the matter is that most of us don’t have funds we can trust. They disappear on us the first chance they get. That’s why we make coffee at home. Either that, or we find the discount coffee shops. The coffee shop outlets where Starbucks sends their coffee when they make a bad cup.

That’s us! We are America, well, most of it, and we love Starbucks too. We just can’t afford to do it every day. That’s what Starbucks is doing for the next couple of days. They are pointing right at us and saying they see us. They know we exist.

It’s Real! It’s Really Real!


So, go ahead and throw a Macchiato party. Here’s how it works. It’s called the “Meet for Macchiatos” promotion and when you buy one, you get the other for free. I’m pretty sure you have to take them at the same time. So what you do is, you buy for your friend on day one. Then, they buy for you tomorrow.

How can you lose? You can’t! Coffee today and coffee tomorrow beats paying the same price for just one cup of coffee on either of those days. So, slide on into Starbucks. Baristas are waiting patiently on pins and needles to take your order.

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