Oats are one of the healthiest picks you can make for breakfast (along with eggs and Greek yogurt). Obviously, the most common oats are oatmeal.

Oatmeal is not only extremely high in fiber (one cup is eight grams!) but they are packed with essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, vitamin E, and zinc.

Oats Are Grown In Several States In The U.S.

Aside from time constraints, the two biggest reasons you may not be eating oats or oatmeal for breakfast are carbs and taste.

Everything that’s been holding you back from eating is about to change.

Oats, Eggs, And Greek Yogurt Are Healthy Choices To Start Your Day

Super-processed carbohydrates like white bread, cookies, cakes, and other “carb heavy” foods are not good for you, but whole grains are one of the best additions to your diet for a balanced and healthy meal.

Whole grains will also keep you at your target weight. That’s because they help with digestion, lower cholesterol levels, and keep you fuller longer.

Oatmeal Is A Healthy, Cost-Effective Breakfast Meal For Your Entire Family

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