If you’re looking to rock sleeveless and strapless like a toned goddess, celebrity trainer Kira Stokes created a challenge to get you perfect arms.

The 30-day arm challenge is sectioned off into four weeks. Week 1 will focus on the use of body weight. Weights are added in week 2 before progressing to the use of both body weight and weights in week 3. For week 4, expect to be pushed to the limits with flows and strength training.

As for the schedule, day 1 of that week you only do the exercise listed for day 1; however, as the week progresses you add on the exercises from the day before. This means day 2 will be the exercises from day 1 and day 2. This will continue until day 5. Day 6 you will focus on perfect execution in preparation for day 7, the push-up challenge. The push-up challenge is the perfect way for you to measure your progress.

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