While aging comes with facial lines and gray hair, there are changes the body undergoes that aren’t so visible. While you’re waiting for the fountain of youth to be discovered, you might want to begin practicing yoga to reverse a couple signs of aging.

Overall Movement Issues
The painful discovery of aging usually comes that morning where you crawl out of bed and hear your joints creak, or perhaps you were playing on the floor with a baby and suddenly can’t get up as quickly as you once could. The more you age, the more elasticity you lose. That decrease in flexibility is why you find yourself stiff, weak, and slow. As you age, it becomes harder to build muscle; however, it is not impossible. Yoga helps to maintain muscle mass as well as assist in gaining muscle mass. Make the best of your golden years by picking up the hobby, especially if you suffer from any of the following problems.

As time passes, bone density decreases, which makes the body susceptible to fractures. Weight-based exercises, like yoga, gradually builds bone density. The Warrior I and Warrior II help to improve strength in the hips and legs while also improving balance.

The pain in hands, knees and wrists caused by arthritis can become unbearable and limit the range of motion. Yoga can lessen joint pain, increase flexibility, and decrease inflammation.

Disc Problems
Those who suffer from herniated, bulging or slipped discs can build core strength and spinal flexibility with yoga. This will help with the spasms, pain and limited movement. It is suggested that poses that involve folding or rounding the back be avoided.

Tendon inflammation, while temporary, is extremely painful. Instability and stiffness are just a small fraction of what sufferers deal with. Yoga helps by establishing new movement patterns.

Hormonal Changes and Hot Flashes
When menopause occurs, temperature changes begin to pop up at the worst times. Restorative yoga decreases hot flashes. It is important to wear a short sleeve shirt and inquire about the temperature the room will be kept at due to the fact that some yoga classes can be done with added heat.

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