Baseball is a tough sport to play. Swinging a bat at a fastball takes a lot of concentration. Catching balls takes practice to get down. Imagine doing it with no legs!

Gabe Davis was born in Ghana with a rare disease that left him with no legs. When a nice family in America took one look at his picture, they felt a connection. Summer Davis knew she found her son.

With His Dad Meeting With The Pelicans


Gabe has two older brothers that help him with almost everything. However, it’s Gabe’s determination that gets him out on that field and running around the bases when he gets a hit. You might wonder how he is able to play with no legs.  I assure you that it’s a sight to see. He doesn’t let anything hold him back.

His father acknowledges that it is a challenge, “I do get a little bit nervous. Just like I get nervous with all my boys when they play ball. You always want them to do good, you want them to represent their team.”

Gabe isn’t just aiming to play little league. His final goal is to play in the Paralympics, and he can join either Team USA or Ghana.

Gabe Playing Baseball In The Field


It’s amazing that a kid with no legs has dreams that big. But, these kinds of stories are becoming more and more common. A single mom raised her son with cerebral palsy to become a Harvard Law student. Ray Charles plays piano. Stephen Hawking is the smartest man in the world. People get past their disabilities to accomplish great things all the time.

Summer told us the key to his success, “He brings life to everything we do. He brings a whole new attitude to our family and a whole new sense of joy and a sense of fulfillment.” That’s how it’s done. A quote commonly attributed to Henry Ford, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” It’s time for us all to learn the lesson that people like Gabe Davis teach us and start believing we can.

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