Heidi Montag, reality star of MTV’s The Hills, is finally pregnant! Her due date is October 19, 2017. The soon-to-be mother doesn’t let her large form stop her from getting in a good workout, and she still hits the gym regularly or breaks a quick sweat at home.

This past Tuesday, she posted a Snapchat of her working out on her back deck in Santa Barbara. The former costar of the hit series is now 30 years old, and thrilled to be expecting the child she has wanted for so long with husband, Spencer Pratt. The couple will be the first of The Hills cast to have a baby together. In the photo, she is rocking a pink sports bra, gray shorts, sunglasses, and hat.

“I’ve already gained 25 pounds! I mean, no big deal, right?” she said, jokingly. The mother-to-be seems to have a light sense of humor about her weight gain during the pregnancy. She still stays motivated and works out when she can, but doesn’t stress out over it.

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