McDonald’s probably offers a pretty standard menu at your local restaurant, apart from the specialty items that come and go with the seasons. But internationally, you may be surprised at how diverse the quintessential American fast food chain’s options become. The following are a number of menu items that are exclusively sold abroad in a wide range of locations.

1. Ham croquettes

This traditional tapas dish is a fast food no-brainer. Sold in Spain, the croquettes are small, deep fried balls filled with a creamy sauce that also have small pieces of ham swimming inside.

2. Chili cheese tops

Denmark also offers their own deep fried treats, selling these miniature balls of melted cheese that also feature chopped green chilis mixed inside. Like your standard jalapeño popper, but more liquified.

3. Chicken McDo with McSpaghetti

Interestingly enough, the place that sells spaghetti with marinara sauce and a fried chicken drumstick isn’t the U.S., but in fact the Philippines. This entree also features a signature sauce, that also includes ground beef mixed within.

4. Chicken Maharaja Mac

Since you don’t eat beef in India, the Maharaja Mac is their take on the classic Big Mac, but with two spicy chicken patties. The regular toppings like lettuce, onion, and tomatoes are also included, but sticking with the spicy theme, jalapeños and habanero sauce are also featured.

5. Chocolate croissant

Brazil showcases one of the many different pastries sold in McDonald’s across the world, serving a buttery croissant that’s filled with everyone’s favorite filling — chocolate!

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