6. Truffle mayo and parmesan loaded fries

Everyone loves french fries, but Australia’s take on the popular side item is much more exciting. These ones come drizzled with gravy on top, with additional truffle mayo and parmesan cheese layered over that! This rich combination could likely serve as a meal replacement.

7. Tamago burger

Burgers with fried eggs on top aren’t uncommon, but you can only get them at McDonald’s in Japan. There have been a whole variety of different variations offered, with the main difference being the accompanying sauce. Teriyaki is just one of the examples.

8. Ham n’ egg twisty pasta

China has one of the more interesting breakfast options, offering twisted pasta and vegetables in a chicken broth. It’s also served with a ham patty and fried egg, and additionally you have the option to choose from chicken or sausage as well.

9. Cottage cheese and dried fruit rolls

McDonald’s in Russia has their own twist on a breakfast snack, with cottage cheese rolls that also feature dried apricots and raisins inside. These are similar to the Russian blini, which are small pancakes that are commonly rolled with different fillings.

10. Mexican Mac Royal

Though it’s Mexican style, this burger is sold in Israel and features guacamole instead of cheese. It’s also sold with a special MacRoyal sauce, which is one of a few variations of popular sauces from around the world.

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