They say that beauty is pain, but just how far are fashionistas willing to go to make a statement? One trending style, the skinny jean, has recently come under the medical microscope. Doctors came to a shocking revelation when a 35-year-old woman suffering from leg pain had to have her pants cut from her lower body, which showed signs of severe internal bleeding and swelling of the muscles.

While skinny jeans might be all the rage, this woman’s story is an eye-opening reminder that being fashion-forward should never take priority over doing what’s best for your temple. No statement is worth putting your body at risk.

Sure, We All Want To Rock This Season’s Freshest Fashion


And right now, the skinnier the jeans, the better.

But Not Everybody Can Rock Every Style

Unfortunately, most popular styles are designed with one body type in mind…

While men and women of the world are blessed with varying body shapes and sizes, the fashion industry often fails to recognize this beautiful truth. Squeezing into too-tight jeans might be tempting to impress on a first date, but are the ill-effects worth looking fresh?

Find Out Why Wearing Your Pants Too Tight In The Tummy, Might Be More HARMFUL Than You Previously Thought…