It’s a scientific fact that the human body is made up of over 60% water. The heart and brain are made up of 73% water alone. That lets you know how important water is to the body.

But so many people are still not drinking enough water. That’s how they get dehydrated. The most absurd thing is that all foods and drinks contain water. So, how does it happen that there are people not getting enough of it?

There are people falling out in marathon races. There are people showing up at the hospital and they need immediate attention with intravenous needles to get the hydration into them ASAP. People work. People play. In all of that, there are people forgetting to get water into them.

Don’t become a statistic. Here are some great reasons why you should start developing a daily habit of drinking water!

Takes Away The Urge To Eat

drinking water

If you are trying to manage your weight, drink more water. Those trips you make to the kitchen in between meals will become obsolete. Drinking water will make you feel full. You’ll snack less throughout the day and be able to stay on a stable diet.

Water Gives You Energy

No need to take a whole bunch of supplements to boost your metabolism. Drink more water and you’ll stay energized all day. You’ll wake up earlier and go to sleep later. You’ll start taking fewer naps throughout the day, which ironically leads to you being able to accomplish more and having the energy to do it.

Drinking Water Takes The Toxins Out Of You

drinking water

Going on a diet? Feeling sluggish? Drinking water will clean your system. It’s actually what it’s for, to be honest. Besides having the difficult tasks of making sure trees grow and that the fish of the sea have something to swim in, water will keep you clean on the inside. Flush your waste clean out of your system.

It’s Great For Working Out

When you work out, you tear muscle. Don’t worry about it. That’s what it’s supposed to do. Muscle heals itself and that’s how it grows. Water helps speed up that process. So, work out at a healthy pace and drink plenty of water. You’ll be massive in no time.

J May Breaks It Down…Well, She Tries

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