Irritable Personality

We’ve all experienced those cranky days where just about anything can set us off. Young men as far back as World War II experienced this physical occurrence where a vast decrease in calorie intake rendered them irritable and moody. You’ve likely heard the term “hangry,” but it’s more than just a catchy word. It means that you need to up your calorie intake to get your body on a more even keel.

Feeling Continuously Cold  

This particular issue affects women far more often than men. Ladies, have you ever experienced that sensation where no matter how many coats and blankets you put on and no matter how many steaming cups of tea you clasp you can just never seem to get warm? That probably means – you guessed it – you’re not eating enough. You see, the calories you consume convert into energy, which is heat. Depriving your body of the fuel it needs is like depriving a warm stove of the fuel it needs.


If you think about it (just try not to think about it for too long), this issue shouldn’t be too surprising, since consuming less food means less waste in your digestive tract. Dieting usually affects your metabolism, which in turn affects your bowel movements. Keep up with your required daily calorie intake to prevent the squirts.


As previously mentioned, dieting can lead to moodiness; but extreme dieting can lead you further down the path towards outright depression and anxiety. This has been documented in teens who were considered “extreme dieters” as well as overweight people who went on low-cal diets. If you’re making the steps to lose excess weight, maintaining a healthy diet – including fish rich with omega-3 fatty acids – will do you a world of good for weight loss and low anxiety.

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