Before I even start on what people eat throughout the world, something significant needs said. Food is regional and people are going to have different appetites based on their experiences where they are. But you could repeat that to yourself over and over and it still won’t get you past what people eat in other countries.

Just remember, those other countries look at us the same way. People from India look at us and shake their heads that we eat cow. That’s just the first and most outstanding example. Another one is the corndog. There are many countries throughout the world who think about a corndog and wonder, “They take corn and put it on that mystery meat they make in factories? Why?”

What Is That All About?

what people eat

There are also countries throughout the world who scratch their heads when they hear about Chicken and Waffles. Admit it! Before you tried it, you didn’t think it went together either. But now, you can’t get enough of the stuff.

We even look at ourselves the same way. People eat different things throughout our own country. Pig colon, otherwise known as chitterlings, is a favorite for some people. When it’s cooking, it makes the kitchen smell like a toilet that hasn’t been flushed and it tastes even worse, like athlete’s foot and armpit sweat were mixed together and topped off with Tabasco.

There Is No Coming Back From That Experience

what people eat

And what in the world is the mountain oyster experience about? Who looked at a bull’s low dangling testicles and wondered what they would taste like? Not everyone across America has had that, nor would they even think about trying that dish.

So, things people eat in other countries are going to come across particularly strange to Americans. But trust me, their dishes are no more weird to them than bacon is to us.

What People Eat In Other Countries

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