When you’re Janet Jackson and trying to get back in shape, there’s only one way to train— hard.

The last performing Jackson hired fitness model and personal trainer, Paulette Sybliss, to whip her into performance-ready shape and the results are speaking for themselves.

“That was my goal. I needed to get her not just looking fit, but to be able to move, to talk and to sing,” Sybliss said. “She sings and dances. She does them together — she doesn’t do one or the other.”

Eight weeks following the birth of Jackson’s son, Eissa, the singer was training four days a week for 45 minutes to an hour. Sybliss’ success method? Workouts focused on weight training.

“People are quite surprised, but we did no conventional cardio the entire time we worked out together,” she said.

The strength training prepared Jackson for the physical strain of live performances. Sybliss says that Jackson even pointed out that the structure of the workout sessions, intense with quick rests, felt like her dance routines.

Although Jackson was committed to getting fit, she didn’t always enjoy the work.

“She didn’t look forward to any of the leg sessions. They were intense,” explained Sybliss. “They had to be intense — the bigger the muscle group, the more you’re going to have to physically work it to feel it.”

Sybliss will join the megastar on tour as they hone in on body maintenance and keeping the singer healthy through her 56-city State of the World tour.

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