It’s not often the universe listens and everything comes into harmony with each other. But this time it did when it brought Krispy Kreme and Reese’s together. We must have done something really good for Karma to have rewarded us like this.

Krispy Kreme came out with doughnuts that can’t be explained. They have all the greatness in the world. Just the glazed doughnut itself is a work of art that can make breakfast feel like a parade down Main Street and you are the guest of honor.

That Is The Doughnut That Will Put All Others To Shame

Krispy Kreme

Then Reese’s came along. Chocolate and peanut butter? What madness is this? Some evil genius in a lab coat was exploring all the greatest tastes in the world and the mathematical equations on his white board concluded that chocolate and peanut butter are the two best things to put together.

Now, Krispy Kreme and Reese’s have gotten together and created a doughnut that will break records. It will be used at weddings. It just might take the place of the wedding cake. One thing’s for sure, the Queen of England will name it as England’s official food.

But Wouldn’t That Be Illegal?

Krispy Kreme

It’s a doughnut that is going to taste like a Reese’s. You know you can’t handle that news. It’s too much greatness all in one. It has a chocolate covering that you know is rich and smooth like Beyonce’s twins. It has peanut butter on the inside. But it’s not just any peanut butter.

It’s the creamy peanut butter that is whipped like mousse and tastes like heaven. But don’t take my word for how awesome these little beasts are. Get an honest review from three different foodies who like to eat and then review food.

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