We like to think that anything we put in our mouth is safe. From a simple soda to a complicated gourmet meal, we rely on the farmers and the distributors of our food to keep things clean, cruelty and chemical free. We don’t want a steak laden with growth hormone or veggies covered in pesticides. Instead, we demand freshness and flavor and hope the government and its agencies guarantee us the same.

There Are All Kinds Of “Fake” Food Out There

And We Don’t Mean This Kind

Still, there are at least seven fake food that we have to contend with on a daily basis. For many of us, it begins first thing in the AM. That coffee you’re consuming? It may have some unwanted ingredients within the grind. Or say you head over to your favorite sushi bar for lunch? Is that spicy salmon roll REALLY salmon. Lots of different – and CHEAPER – fish can be disguised as the delicious delicacy, and how are we to know.

We Eat Fake Cheese Every Day

As the video points out, there are many reasons for this. In fact, a recent report showed that Subway may be using “chicken” in their sandwiches that is actually part bird, part tofu. It’s all about saving money and screwing over the consumer. You want rice, not plastic. Just don’t tell that to workers in Jamaica who decided that the popular grain could be stretched by adding artificial granules to the mix.

And Vegetarians Like This Instead Of Real Meat

And Who Knows What This Is…

There Are A Few More Food To Be Wary Of – Continue On To Find Out What They Are