The clock is ticking and as 2017 winds down, it’s time to figure out how to improve yourself in 2018. Obviously losing weight is a popular resolution, especially if it’s been suggested by your doctor; however, there are plenty of health-related resolutions you can commit to without staring at the scale or those jeans from your freshman year of college.

It’s time to get practical about new year goals and look forward to keeping them.

Resolve To Get A Complete Understanding Of Your Health Status
A head to toe workup is the only way to find out where your health stands. While calorie counting can seem like a great way to start honing in on getting healthy, it’s not.
“The start of a new year is an excellent time to focus on your health,” says Dr. Olatokunbo Famakinwa (better known as Dr. Toks). “I recommend that people visit their medical provider for a routine physical. At the visit, your doctor will check to make sure that you have age-appropriate screening tests done. Taking a few moments for your health will save you significant time, money and stress in the long run.”

Resolve To Drink More Water
Staying hydrated seems simple but many Americans are severely dehydrated and, when we begin to get tired, we chug a couple caffeinated drinks.

“Your kidneys and lymph nodes need to filter daily,” explains Sally Kravich, a holistic health specialist. “By buying your own home filtering system, you are contributing less to cluttered waste for the earth.” Keeping water in your body will have a large effect on your overall quality of health.

Catch some Zzzs
Lack of sleep contribute to anxiety and stress as well as weight gain and a weak immune system. Make a goal to reach at least seven hours of sleep nightly.

“Buying a Himalayan salt lamp, getting black out curtains or masking any light with electrical tape are all good starts,” adds Rachel Montañez, founder of Sleep 10:2. Cutting down on electronics before bed is also a great idea as the light from our screen lower melatonin levels.

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