In today’s modern culture, it seems that just about any heinous deed and scandalous activity can be covered up and forgotten by some miraculous physical transformation. For Mama June Shannon of the hit TLC show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, that one thing she needed to make audiences remove from their mind the horrible thing she had done was undergo some major weight-loss procedures.

Troubles began for the 37-year-old reality TV star when in 2014 she began dating the man who sexually assaulted her oldest daughter just ten years prior. Fans had put up with quite the amount of ridiculousness from the show up to that point, but something like this simply proved to be a drastic step too far, and TLC was forced to cancel the show.

The original show – which premiered in August 2012 – was chastised upon its initial release for its absurdity in portraying an uncouth and uncivilized redneck family. Despite these scathing reviews, however, the show proved to be increasingly popular (it received a larger viewing than the Republican National Convention), which lead to a large amount of discussion concerning its cultural relevance.

Mama June On Her Show Pre-Transformation

But just two years later, people went from loving the family’s rough-and-tough antics to turning their back on it. Even though June denied any involvement with her daughter’s molester, her daughter eventually confirmed that she was the victim. Honey Boo Boo – and Mama June’s career by extension – was finished.

But now she has discovered the way to gaining back her popularity and making people forget that she ever dated an offender….weight loss! It’s the magic solution. You can change your appearance so drastically that it’s as if you’re a different person.

June made quite a bit of profit off of white trash and blonde floozy stereotypes, but now she’s trying desperately to change that image.

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