They finally got more people to break down and start buying water in a bottle. So people started getting smart with it and were more than happy to refill those bottles. Now, they’re saying that could be dangerous.

Apparently, Treadmillreviews conducted research on the water bottle used by one athlete. The study lasted a week and it was found that there were over 900,000 colony-forming units of bacteria found in that water bottle, which they compared to being more than what exists on a toilet seat. A guy in a lab coat counted them all. Scouts honor! That means licking a toilet seat is better than reusing a water bottle for a week.

The study went on to say that refilling the water bottle breaks down the plastic. Washing with hot water further breaks down the plastic and this combination of potentially dangerous activity can wreak havoc on our bodies.

As Dr. Marilyn Glenville PhD describes, “They can affect ovulation, and increase our risk of hormonally driven problems like PCOS, endometriosis and breast cancer, among other things.”

Kids Living Dangerously Refilling Their Water Bottle

Water Bottle

But let me gather my many sleuthing tools and do some research of my own. First thing I like to do is Google something that doesn’t sound right. After all, refilling water bottles seems like a very conscientious thing to do as all the recycling propaganda has been telling us for decades.

What I found is this same exact study being circulated through all the regular gems of online media without any regard for an early finding published by the FDA, “reusing plastic water bottles without washing them could possibly harbor some bacteria. Plastics are by nature a sanitary material, but it’s recommended that you wash the bottle out with hot soapy water between uses.” There seems to be a discrepancy.

An Interesting Note About Water Bottle Refill Stations

Water Bottle

Still hard at work on sleuthing this mystery, I had to wonder why there are so many water bottle refilling stations. It’s encouraged to refill them. In fact, Mother Earth is begging you. It’s just hard not to wonder if that research on that one athlete for that one week isn’t something the water bottle companies circulated to increase their bottom line. It’s a thought.

If you’re worried about the dangers, you have every right to wonder which side to actually believe. Just make it easier on yourself and get one of those plastic refillable bottles from Walmart. They’ve been selling them for years and you can find plenty of refilling stations that won’t let you down.

More Food For Thought About Water Bottle Refilling

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