In today’s fast-paced world, we are all busy. Technological advances like smartphones and mobile WiFi mean that some people are working much longer than eight hours per day. In line at the grocery store? Check your email. Enjoying a relaxing afternoon with your family on the weekend? Better make sure the reports posted. All of these “quick minutes” of work don’t allow the brain to shut down and rejuvenate.

All of these “quick minutes” of work don’t allow the brain to get some much needed down time. People aren’t even sleeping as much as they should in order to combat their busy schedules and rejuvenate their bodies and minds.

When your brain is in constant focused concentration, you can experience burnout, exhaustion, and fatigue, otherwise known as “Brain Drain.” If gone unchecked, can result in depression, stress, and even anger if you keep pushing after the drain has set in. Even though you need to keep your project going, you would be much more productive if at the first sign of brain drain, you took a break and did something about it.

Here are some of the signs you might be suffering from brain drain:

  • Mental exhaustion
  • Irritation or drowsiness when thinking about what you have to do
  • Putting off certain tasks because they are too difficult to think about
  • Snapping at others who are not moving fast enough
  • Feeling as if the harder you work, the farther behind you get
  • Feeling depressed, stressed out, or as if you can’t keep up mentally with your tasks

Here are some things you can do about “Brain Drain:”


You don’t have to actually meditate in a lotus position but sit quietly for 20 minutes or so. Sit still and observe what thoughts enter your mind without trying to solve any problems. Just let them in and let them go.

Take A Walk

When things start getting drained, refresh yourself with a brisk walk outdoors. If you work near a park try that. If you are walking in an unfamiliar (but safe) area your mind will automatically shift its focus on this new experience and off of whatever task is taxing your brain. Stop and take it all in. Relish the beauty of nature and smell the roses, as the saying goes.

Listen To Classical Music

Music generally makes everyone in a better mood, regardless of genre, but sitting quietly with relaxing classical music playing through headphones can transcend the brain drain. Not only will it relax you but it will force your brain into thinking about less stressful things.

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