When you get nostalgic about America’s history, you might think of diners with root beer floats. There was a small juke box at every table. There were also drive-in restaurants where waitresses wore skates and brought your order to your parking spot.

A&W was right there in the center of all that. Hires may have invented root beer. But A&W perfected it and the root beer float was the bomb back in the day. If you put the term “the bomb” through the time conversion chart, you would get the “bee’s knees” as its equivalent. You wouldn’t have wanted to say “the bomb” back in the ’50s.

A&W Back In The Day

A&W made their root beer fresh every day in the store from all-natural ingredients. But A&W wasn’t just about the root beer. They were about the hamburgers and hot dogs too. It was really a place to hang out for people who called root beer things like the “bee’s knees.”

But A&W went through a few changes over the years and people started to lose interest. Those old things were played out and people started to move on in life. If it wasn’t new, it wasn’t happening. Don’t look back. Move forward and keep going until you’ve forgotten everything about who you are and where you’ve been.

A&W Around The Time Of The Decline

Enter a guy named Kevin Brazner who came on board in 1985 as the managing director of A&W Restaurants International Division. He is the CEO now and he is re-branding. One of the changes he has made was to go back to the old way of making the refreshing root beer in the store every day the way they did back in the day.

He brought healthy products back to the table and he has turned around the decline of the company. He is actually adding 45 new stores this year. One reason why is the way he has embraced social media. It has a way of making people aware. But also, A&W has found a way to bring the old school value to present day. It’s gearing for a real comeback and you just might find one of these bad boys near you soon.

Taking A Look At Where It All Began

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