It’s no secret that people living in New York City eat well. With authentic restaurants on every street corner, New York has always been an innovative city of experimental food and shops that are dedicated solely to one cuisine. It seems that at least for breakfast, New Yorkers are obsessed with bagels and cream cheese. Places like Bagelworks on 1st Avenue offer cream cheese flavors like Chipotle Sriracha Bacon and Cucumber Dill. And now a brand new cream cheese shop is opening this summer in the East Village, but it’s far different from what anyone expects.

It’s called Becky’s Bites, and it’s a shop that uses cream cheese as an ingredient in every single menu item. The cream cheese is made in the Hudson Valley, and the treats come in mini sizes, perfect for snacking.

Menu options include bagels, parfaits, cookie sandwiches, tarts, and of course, coffee. Though the shop is focusing more on the catering side of their business, the storefront will still be open and available for visitors to pop in and grab a bite or two.

You won’t find any normal flavors here, though. The spreads are sweet, and consist of flavors like cookies-and-cream, cappuccino, and apple pie. Nothing like dessert in the morning!

Founder Becky Rosenthal designed a signature treat called the “Beckaroos,” which includes vanilla funfetti cream cheese and Teddy Grahams. We could not be more thrilled about this modern adult twist on our favorite elementary school lunchbox surprise.

They have also recreated the traditional taste of s’mores by inventing a toasted marshmallow and chocolate chip cream cheese. We might have to add another gym day to our weekly schedule, but it’ll be worth getting to eat these creamy inventions.

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