In an act of what may just be pure marketing gold, Dirty Bones, a London restaurant, is lending out free Instagram kits for customers to use as they dine and indulge.

What is in an Instagram kit? A multi-device charger, clip-on wide-angle lens, a selfie stick, portable LED light, and a tripod. This handy little package ensures that your meal will be photographed with the finesse of a professional. And the restaurant gets some nice publicity, too.

The kits must be returned at the end of the meal, when you’re done snapping pictures of your decadent, handcrafted meal. The use of the kits doesn’t disturb other guests; they are small and discreet, so if an older couple next to you doesn’t want to partake in the action, they can easily ignore you and your setup.

The menu has a wide variety of selections guaranteed to satisfy even the most experienced foodies. It is a new-age American style restaurant with classics like mac and cheese balls and experimental items like cheeseburger dumplings. Other options include caramelized banana waffles, charcoal-grilled stone bass tacos, and beef short ribs. Drinks include a “Key Lime Pie Martini” with a burnt lime foam top, a “Dirty Mary” that’s rimmed with Sour Cream & Onion Pringles, and cocktails with Oreo crumbles and sprinkle rims. Overall, it’s the total catch.

The atmosphere of the restaurant is just as hip as the food options. Signs that say “Keeping It Real” and “Good Vibes Only” hang on the walls of the retro space. It’s definitely a must-see eatery in the heart of London. We have the Instas to prove it.

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