There are so many products on the market that are supposed to stimulate hair growth. Rogaine and Propecia are at the top of the list when it comes to being most effective. But wasabi might just steal their spot at the top of the mountain.

Wasabi is that awesome stuff you get with sushi. It’s in the same plant family as horseradish, which is why it is very likely that with all the sushi you’ve consumed, you may have never actually had wasabi. You might have had a whole different dish made of horseradish.

How Would You Use Wasabi?


If it were the real plant, it would be harder to get and more expensive. Some restaurants do actually serve it though, and that’s the stuff you want to rub on your head. But let’s back up a bit.

Science says that it’s good for hair growth. In a day when it seems like there are all kinds of recipes and DIYs out there to either stop your hair from receding or to stimulate hair growth, wasabi is the latest to be confirmed by science.

Wasabi Stimulates Growth After Balding Has Occurred


But before you start slapping the stuff on your head, you should know that a company called Kinin, a Japanese wasabi company is behind the funding. What it concluded was that the plant contains isosaponarin, which “has the ability to awaken the papilla cells in the human scalp” and it helps “the development of proteins that create pathways for nutrients that travel to the papilla cells.”

The study determined that it’s about three times more effective than the most effective chemicals on the market. That means you can stop getting prescriptions and just start enjoying your food in a whole different way. But before you order sushi, you might want to check out the other products on the market like shampoo with wasabi in it. That might actually work better!

Have You Been Eating It?

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