Everybody thinks of chocolate when talking about Valentine’s Day, but chocolate is so 2017. Switch it up this year with a sweet Valentine’s Day take on a classic candy. According to a few sources, the “Love mix” contains white, red, and pink candies in varying fruity flavors.

Instagram user, Junk Banter, posted a photo which noted some of the flavors include Watermelon, White Grape, Yumberry, Strawberry, and Cherry.

Another sweets-loving Instagram user, Candy Hunting, posted a photo of their find and let followers know that the Skittles Love Mix can only be found at Target.

They also wrote, “The White Grape flavor makes me wish these were all wine flavors rather than another Skittles mix of various fruits.”

While Valentine’s Day isn’t for a few weeks to come, the mix was released on Jan 7. That gives Skittle-lovers enough time to “taste test” them before purchasing some for that special someone. After all, it’s only the best for your sweetheart, right?

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