Move over, beer pong. It’s time to get real panache and boojee up in these last few summer bashes. So put the cheap red solo cups back in the cupboard. Roll the keg back into that lonely corner of the garage. And invite all of your Gatsby-loving friends over for a night of sparkling tipsiness.

Talking Tables, a party supply store in Dallas, Texas, has Prosecco Pong on the market. It can be purchased online for only twenty bucks. The kit comes with 12 plastic coupe glasses and bright pink ping pong balls. It comes in a retro-style box, perfect for gifts or a bachelorette. What kind of rosy-cheeked and tipsy bride-to-be wouldn’t want to get her hands on this? Prosecco is noticeably cheaper than champagne, and tastes almost identical, as long as you’re not a wine snob. And if you are, well, you don’t deserve how fun and cheap this game is anyway!

For a girly twist, try rosé to add more of that happy pink color to the scenery.

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